Grandson of Ernest C. Withers Murdered in Dallas

Contact: Andrew Withers
Commission Against Senseless Killings, Inc.
Phone 901-201-2270

Rico Ward

Arthur Withers aka Rico Ward

P.O. Box 493
Memphis, TN 38101
Press Release
Memphian Murdered in Dallas, TX
Arthur Withers, A Member of one of Memphis’ Premier Families, Killed by Gunfire
Memphis, Tennessee, May 30, 2016: Arthur Withers, grandson of renowned photographer Ernest C. Withers was killed Sunday in Dallas, TX. Mr. Withers (39 years old) leaves two daughters, one recently graduated with a double degree. Having authored 10 books and owner of Rico Ward Publishing Co. Mr. Withers was killed by gunfire as he visited a Dallas neighborhood. He was the son of the late Mr. Perry Withers and North Memphis Community activist, Mrs. Linda Ward.
The killer surrendered to Dallas Police, contact Officer Mike Williams (901-649-6162) for the arrest details.
• For further details contact: Andrew Withers, Memphis, TN (901) 201-2270 or

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