C.A.S.K. Boots on the Ground

Crown Jewelry Owner said, “Yes”; to helping the community

This Saturday from 10:00am – 1:00pm Commission Against Senseless Killings would converge upon the parking lot of 6569 Winchester at Kirby Parkway, the first of several planned locations (throughout the city) to publicly address our city’s homicide epidemic and to raise the awareness level about the problem; we’ll have professional grief counselors there to help those who are affected by this unusual and surrealproblem. 

This section of the city seems to have taken the hardest blow; that’s why Winchester & Kirby Parkway is selected as our first location. 

Come out and meet Lil Terry; he create the movement: #KillinUrOwnAintGangsta.  Please join as we reach out to make a difference; stop by and meet our staff; discuss solutions; and join the coalition to return civility to our neighborhoods; the murders that we’re witnessing in Memphis and across country are horrific in nature; but if we join in on the good fight we’ll defeat our enemy and the help of G’d Almighty. 

Lil Terry on the left

location of our 1st Action of the year

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