Unsung Hero: Charles F. Boone

Charles F. Boone
December 29, 1960 – November 27, 2021

During the early 90’s Charles and I would ride nearly daily as we work relentless to bring Commission Against Senseless Killings, Inc. from a fledging organization to an institution. Our dream was then and now to have an organization that addressed only “senseless killings.” Charles was highly motivated and clearly saw this vision in its purest context. Charles was a courageous man who put his brilliants, talents, and intelligence into his belief in our mission. He was in fact, all in. Charles was our musician, mathematician, statistician, motivator, and strategist. We would turn over to him our surveys’ source documents , Charles would then put meanings and value to those numbers, questions, and answers in ways that was mind boggling, but revealing. Yes, Charles was a founding member, a board member, and officer.

As a young man, his dreams were shared as we all would talk about our vision for the future. Charles knowing about my role with Beale Street Development Corporation, talked extensively about Big Band music of the 40’s. He possessed a power knowledge of that era’s music. He knew the history behind many of the musicians of those days, the real impact and role that black musicians played on society, and the evolution of black life in America.

Charles’s dream was to develop a Big Band Music night club. He would imagine the eloquence, wardrobes, dancing, music, and of course all brought to you by the Master of Ceremony, Charles Boone. Charles is no longer, physically, with us today, but even before his transition, I was working to bring Big Band Music to K.S.R.B. I’m sure and without any doubt, Charles would have had an active role in building Kickynit Satellite Radio Broadcast, that’s why we’ve dedicated our Big Band Music Show to Charles Boone.

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