No Logical Reason for Debby’s Death


Debby (Gale) Jones, the mother of a 7 year old daughter, was killed Oct. 21, 2018, in Memphis, Tennessee, Riverdale and Quince at 11:00am, by a group of murderous thugs, who open fire upon her and a passenger in her car; these thugs had no regard for life even, if her child would’ve been a passenger as well; their intent was to kill at any cost; Debby was driving her car when the thugs drove along side clearly seeing a woman driver but, that didn’t stop them as they open fire in a hail of bullets, killing Debby on sight and severely wounding her passenger.

These thugs are still atlarged; they’re dangerous and have no respect for life or law; it’s imperative they’re located and arrested to face judgement for their crimes; everyone is responsible to assist in their apprehension; the longer they’re on the streets and in our society the more opportunities they have to commit again murder and other serious crimes.

Debby’s family along with friends have decided to offer a reward of $5,000.00 for information that would lead to these thugs’ arrest and successful prosecution; in addition to her family and friends, CASK has created a GoFundMe account to raise more money to increase the reward, if necessary, and to provide financial support for her child’s quality of life including, education.

CASK has been on the frontline trying to increase awareness and to help families who are going through tragic moments in life as Debby’s family and friends; we know for a fact, that everyone has a role to play in stopping thugs from committing senseless killings; for decades we’ve seen the toll taken on families and the community in general; now, it’s time to face this social disease and find a cure as soon as possible; we’re asking the reader to click on the GoFundMe link so that you could take your stand against the wrongs these thugs have done.

CASK, Debby’s family, and friends greatly appreciate your support.

Please share this story with your family and friends.

See police report

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