C.A.S.K. Members’ Lives on the Line: Demonstration against Senseless Killings

Wali, Talut, Gotti, & A.B.

(r-l) A.B., Gotti, Talut, and Wali; Gotti stopped by to show his support.

Preparing to Carry CasketIt’s really difficult to understand, but necessary; no doubt about it; displaying the casket works. We recognized a stark difference in our demonstration on the corner of Frayser Blvd. and Watkins and that of Lamar and Pendleton. Nevertheless, the responses from the passers-by were unbelievable, but, after all, it’s the people we care about most. Commission Against Senseless Killings has worked for years to bring awareness about the many levels of violence within our community.


Wali Shaheed Reflecting

Wali Shaheed Reflecting

As of today, we’ve staged four demonstrations Winchester and Kirby Parkway, Third Street and Brooks Rd., Watkins and Frayser Blvd., and Lamar and Pendleton. Our campaign for awareness is mounting. Our next location is Elvis Presley and Raines Rd., September 17, 2016 from 10:00 am until

Talut & G.A.

Talut El-Amin & State Rep. G. A. Hardaway Sr.

1:00 pm, everyone is invited.
The best part and most appreciable moments are when people walk up to show their gratitude, to tell us, “Thank you”! It’s our intentions to continue until most Memphis citizens are aware that C.A.S.K. cares, that we’re serving them, and if needed, call upon us for help. We’re putting our lives on the line so that you won’t have to but, we’re hoping that you would join us on site.Under the Tent
Of course, we can’t do it alone; we need every citizen to take a role in their own defense and to stop by these demonstrations. You’ll find like minded people who’re full of love waiting and ready to show you their support as you support them.

C.A.S.K. wants to thank everyone for what they do, especially those who stop by and make donations and those leaders who stop by just to give their advice that would make our campaign better. By the way, we would like to thank Imam Saleem Madyun and N. J. Ford Funeral Home located on Florida Street and Parkway Blvd. for loaning us one of their caskets. It takes these kinds of contributions and more to solve the deadliest violent attacks on our families in decades, if not centuries.

Wali ShaheedSaleem Madyun Street Crossing

Joe and Charles

Joe Hockaday and Charles Roberson of HUSBAND, INC.

Casket on the Corner

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