Death Made The Thinker!

The Message

A revealing visual aid of to what point we’ve come!

On one of the hottest days of the year, members of C.A.S.K. didn’t hesitate to put their bodies on the line in their efforts to make a point.  “Stop the Killing”, “Don’t Kill, Think”, “It’s got to Stop”, and more are the phrases used to force us to think about the homicides and what’s happening in our city and the country.  Why are black people dying at a rate that’s unlike any time before and at the hands of their own people and sometimes by family members?  The answer has to come from those who are at the helm.  C.A.S.K. is only the response in action that’s doing anything necessary to increase the awareness that something has to change.  The point, members carrying a casket to impact the public into understanding they’re dying at an alarming rate, even as the public is trying to live life as usual.

C.A.S.K. is one of Memphis’ longest serving organizations, the name fully explains its purpose, but organizations are tools and names are labels, the people must bring change if change is to ever come.  Senseless homicides are stripping away the dignity that black Americans have fought so hard to publicly establish, but the enemy isn’t about to let up and black Americans aren’t about to surrender.

The Point

Imam Wali Shaheed (L) relentless efforts to secure a casket and coordinate this demonstration is the type of leadership needed to get this social disease cured.

That’s why against the sickness of senseless homicides, the seniors are out to show the younger members of society the many ways to defeat our common enemy. More importantly, the men are on the frontlines again fighting the a new obstacle that stands in the path our freedom.  Whether it’s those who would want to deny us justice, who would deny us equality, full freedom, or security and safety we stand ready to answer with the power of law and the protection of The Creator.


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