C.A.S.K. Launches Crime Fighting Website

IMG_0006The Commission Against Senseless Killings, Inc. has launched its website with three important tool features: 1. Memorial Wall 2. Neighborhood Investigator 3. Neighborhood Intel. These features are designed to help the community get a handle on their crime fighting efforts. Often times, it’s difficult to find a source that would help people who might have community data they’re willing to share in a safe and secure way. On the other hand, it’s impossible to correct the community crime situation, block by block, with intelligence. In both cases, CASK has taken the lead to assure both those scenarios are addressed on one single platform.

IMG_0048Though Neighborhood Investigator and Neighborhood Intel seem to overlap, they are both clearly different. Neighborhood Investigator is designed to harness information about an ongoing investigation. Crimes are broken up into two distinctive groups, Serious Crimes and “Broken-Window Crimes”. Serious crimes are those that are investigated by law enforcement, but broken widow crimes could have their own neighborhood investigation. In these B.W.C. situations, CASK website could collect information that would keep the block aware of petty crimes and what’s actually going on an investigation.

On the other hand, Neighborhood Intel is a totally different platform. It’s designed to help the community understand the who, what, and when of things that are happening on the block, in the neighborhood, and in the city. Neighborhood Intel is a data-harnessing tool and its value are far-reaching nevertheless, both crime fighting tools are in their fledging stage. As C.A.S.K., a 501a, non-profit, public benefit organization launches its fundraising efforts to finance and develop these two tools, we hope to see more community support and diffidently their involvement.

These tools are new concepts that have a place in our crime fighting solution. There’s no way to get a handle on the problem without community data. C.A.S.K. understands and is why decades of its involvement have brought about many positive changes by several community based efforts like Memorial services, twenty-four hour vigil against fear, the “Don’t Kill, Think” campaign, the Victims of Violent Crimes Park, neighborhood survey, public debate on the “Death Penalty”, proposed to Shelby County Mayor Jim Rout, the creation of a Victim Rights department of government, attended the White House Crime Bill Initiative during the Clinton’s administration, et al.Crowd Black Educators & Lawyers for Justice

Crispus Attucks Memorial, Boston, Ma

The official logo of C.A.S.K., Crispus Attucks Memorial

Memorial Wall is a tool that’s designed to support families and help in their grieving process. M.W. allows the family an opportunity to write into a permanent database their loved one’s life story. Often, the media only write a few lines about a senseless homicide victim, but C.A.S.K. is providing an opportunity for family members to write, post photos and videos about their loved one. This is also a fledgling effort, but with the public’s financial support C.A.S.K. would become a modern effort in our grieving and crime fighting arsenal.

C.A.S.K. has undertaken the challenge of freeing our children from a terrible reality, young black men killing young black men.  Further, it’s incumbent upon us to do everything possible to protect our women and children from this modern-day terror of “Blacks lynching Blacks”.  There’s no history of this level of violence from within the magnificent struggle of black Americans.   Day in and day out murders, one to another,  is beyond black people’s comprehension.  That’s why C.A.S.K.’s  first 2016 action was to draft a resolution to publicly take a serious stand against senseless acts of violence, calling on all men to engage in these serious challenges.


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