Neighborhood Intel: C.A.S.K. Declares War on Crime!

CASK LogoOn April 18, 2016 Commission Against Senseless Killings introduced its IMG_0065website and a plan that is far-reaching against violence of all kinds, including domestic. The plan includes “Neighborhood Intel™”.
Neighborhood Intel™ is designed to help the community understand the who, what, and when of things that are happening on the block, in the neighborhood, and in the city. Neighborhood Intel™ and Neighborhood Investigator™ are data-harnessing internet tools nevertheless, these crime fighting tools are in their fledging stage. As C.A.S.K., a 501a, non-profit, public benefit organization launches its fundraising efforts to finance and develop these two tools, we hope to see more community support and diffidently their involvement.Ali, Patrica
It would take every level of involvement to correct the crime problem that’s destroying lives daily. The fact is: it’s nearly impossible to do that without intelligence. There many social organizations working daily to help fight against criminals and those who are wrecking havoc in our towns and cities. They tend to form with good intentions, but, unfortunately, they’re mostly reacting to tragic acts of violence, in many cases the solution to these crimes are over their heads.
IMG_0023C.A.S.K. is declaring a “war on crime”, we’re addressing this terrible social ill with military precision, but, please understand that nothing will solve our crime epidemic without everybody’s input. Join C.A.S.K. by sharing our information, posts, and articles on social media, encourage other to get involve, and of course, there’s never a solution without serious financial contributions.

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