A Mounting Campaign, C.A.S.K.

On Saturday, July 30th, C.A.S.K. again put its boots on the ground on the corner of Frasyer Blvd. and Watkins Street in its continuing campaign to bring about a reversal in senseless murders that are happening in our city everyday.  Everyone understands that problems are solved by getting involved and making the change.  We’re asking everyone to take a stand against the wrongs in our neighborhoods.  Join us here on our website or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/caskinc/.  C.A.S.K. wants to help in building a coalition that would address senseless killings and other social issues.  We can not do it alone!image

Men of C.A.S.K. joined the community on the corner of Watkins and Frasyer Blvd on Saturday; they worked to present this message and to increase the awareness about senseless acts of violence



Join a coalition that’s about reform, productivity, and effective ideas for change; together, we could achieve great things!



These men are appealing to the community asking everybody to consider our actions and how we could change our conditions.


Nataka Ajanaku, C.A.S.K. and Joyce Smith, Helping Hand Asset Relief Program are doing a video interview, to be aired later; they’re presenting from a women and mothers perspective how senseless acts of violence are affecting our daily lives.


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